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Hot Solutions BREAD WARMER
"This bread warmer is colourful, well made and the instructions make it easy to use.  My chapatis stayed lovely and hot and the clip helped to retain the heat for a long time."
"Great idea.  Attractive and practical."
"Excellent quality product.  Good size and hot design.  Arrived on time."
"I bought this product as a gift for my mum to keep her toast and bagels warm.  It was perfect and large enough to put a selection of breads in when entertaining.

Hot Solutions TRIVETS



“This item is 2 trivets in one so excellent storage solution.  They are made to a high standard and protect the worktop perfectly!”



“These wooden trivets are great.  They fit inside each other so fantastic space saving.  Also they look very stylish



“I love my trivets because they look attractive and are great to use when you need somewhere to place a hot saucepan when serving food.”

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